before work starts

sketchSo where do you begin once you have found somewhere? Getting the right design and getting it approved is the first stage of the architect’s job, but even before that you need to clearly understand what you can expect from your architect. In my own case I will meet you on site without obligation to discuss your needs and aspirations, and follow this up with a detailed written statement of my services and fees.

As soon as you are satisfied with our agreement, we get on with the work of realising your project.

raising finance, building warranties and décennales

stampsThere is no tradition of self-build here in France as there is in the UK, mostly due to warranty issues when raising finance. Mortgage lenders require quotations, devis, from registered contractors before lending money. This is because in France it is the contractor who has the legal responsibility to build in according with the regulations. Registered contractors carry a 10-year warranty insurance on their work, an Assurance Décennale, and the banks rely on this to ensure they are lending on a structurally sound building. A self-builder can only get a valid Décennale if he registers as a contractor and has appropriate experience and training.